Badria closing time

Soon the Badria will be scrubbed, cleaned, repaired and renewed as much as possible. The annual closing time will take place again this year after the Bavarian summer holidays and will last from Monday, 18.09. up to and including Friday, 29.09.2017.

During this time, however, the Badria employees do not take company holidays.b Since the Badria is open every day, regardless of whether it is a Sunday or a weekday, many of the work that is necessary every year can only be carried out during the closing time. This includes, for example, the maintenance of important machines such as the combined heat and power plant in the basement, which provides hot water every day, or the filter system, which ensures that the water is always clean. The indoor pools are also scrubbed and repaired where necessary. For this, however, the water must first be drained. On Sunday evening, as soon as the last guest has left the Badria, the “plugs are pulled” and it then takes around 20 hours for all the pools to be empty.

In the sauna area, which has been closed since mid-August, work is continuing at full speed to complete the major conversion and expansion measures. However, it will not be possible to reopen here until the end of September. As soon as a date is foreseeable, it will be announced.

The pool area will be available to guests again from Saturday, September 30th, 2017 from 9 a.m.