Badria painting competition – These are the winners!

Many children have painted great pictures on the topic “My best day in Badria”. The jury, consisting of Sabine Schuierer and Alisija Frimann (both employees of Stadtwerke Wasserburg), really didn’t find it easy to choose the winner! But on Thursday, December 29th, 2016, the three first-place winners in each of the three age categories were allowed to pick up their prizes in Badria.

Wasserburg’s Mayor Michael Kölbl was amazed when he examined the many “works of art” and enthusiastically presented the prizes to the winners.

Age group 3 – 5 years

  1. Place: Tim Joppich 5 years, Edling
  2. Place: Leo Hölzl 5 years, Babensham
  3. Place: Caroline Mayer 5 years, Maitenbeth

Age group 6 – 7 years

  1. Place: Luis Hoffmeister 7 years, Griesstätt
  2. Place: Angelina Steffen 6 years, Wasserburg
  3. Place: Leander Mieth 7 years, Mühldorf

Age group 8 – 12 years

  1. Place: Sophia Kurzweil 8 years, Halfing
  2. Place: Hanna Joppich 9 years, Edling
  3. Place: Verena Brunnlechner 10 years, Babensham

The prices:

  1. 1st place: 4 free tickets each swim all day, 1 Badria bag, 1 small gift from the shop
  2. 1st place: 4 free tickets each bath for 4 hours, 1 Badria bag, 1 small gift from the shop
  3. 1st place: 4 free tickets each 2 hour swim, 1 Badria bag, 1 small gift from the shop


But since all the pictures really turned out very well and everyone obviously made a great effort, all the other participants were also able to pick up a small surprise at the Badria checkout.

We would like to congratulate the winners again and wish you lots of fun redeeming your free tickets!