Badria vouchers for Gronbach employees

“Company health management” has been an integral part of GRONACH since 2013. Annual meetings are held in the health management circle, in which a wide range of actions and measures are systematically planned by the HR department, representatives of managers, occupational safety, quality management and the works council and then offered and implemented for the workforce.

Whether workplace and movement analyzes in the production departments, back courses, yoga, colon cancer prevention, healthy surprise weeks in the GRONBACH canteen, free fruit, health seminars such as giving up smoking or time management – these are just a few examples of the many campaigns that GRONBACH has carried out for the workforce so far has.

Since January 2017, the bathing, sports and leisure center BADRIA has also been a new cooperation partner of GRONBACH. On the subject of “healthy exercise and relaxation”, the company offers its staff vouchers that can be used for the swimming pool and sauna. Up to twelve vouchers of EUR 5 each were handed out to each interested employee and should be used within 6 months. With this campaign, GRONBACH not only wants to motivate people to engage in sustainable physical activity, but also to make a contribution to the work-life balance of each individual.

The world of work is becoming ever more fast-moving and the demands on employees in everyday work are increasing. The GRONBACH company sees itself as responsible and, as an employer, would like to contribute to the health and well-being of its employees. Since January 17, 2017, the company has even been certified in occupational health management.

Everyone at GRONBACH agrees: “We want to maintain this level and continue to offer a wide range of campaigns and measures for our workforce in the future. And of course we are very pleased that we can also involve local institutions such as BADRIA.”

Image: Sabine Willnhammer from the Human Resources department at Gronbach with the 1st mayor Michael Kölbl and Stefan Heindl, the deputy manager of Badria