Badriazzo – 01/13/2018

For many years, the opening of the carnival season has been celebrated with a classic ball night in the stylishly decorated BADRIA Hall. On Saturday, January 13, the city again invites you to dance. The ball is a social event and at the same time an evening full of pleasure. In 2018 there will be a lot of new things to discover in addition to the well-established and – so much can be revealed – also a very special combination of both.

The welcome of the guests from 7 p.m. with a champagne reception and the jazzy sounds of Ernst Hofmann and his Trio Tonale is proven. At 7:45 p.m., the Latin information of the TC Inn-Casino will give a taste of their skills. TanzBar – the name of the band says it all! From 8 p.m. until the open end, the popular band around Wasserburg drummer Jochen Enthammer will prove that they have an almost limitless repertoire and are therefore able to inspire even dancers with high demands. It will definitely not be boring this evening!

For the second time, catering professional Klaus Schlaipfer and his team will spoil ball visitors with a three-course menu that promises some delicious delicacies. A mixture of exquisite and down-to-earth can be expected. The menu begins with an antipasti salad with shrimp skewers and baguette. In 2018 there will again be a choice for the main course. Ball visitors can choose between a salmon fillet with ratatouille and risotto praline, veal cooked at a low temperature with snow peas and potato gratin or vegetarian ravioli. As a sweet conclusion, a Bavarian cream is served on a raspberry ragout with Wasserburger earth.

Between the three menu courses, there is ample opportunity for visitors to dance away the freshly gained calories with waltzes, foxtrots, rumba, cha-cha-chas and more.
Of course, the Wasserburg City Guard is an integral part of the stage program. Around midnight, the motto for the coming fifth season is revealed. You can look forward to the program, which has been kept top secret until then.

At the end of the evening or for refreshment during the dance breaks, the Stadtgarde opens their popular bar.

Harry Petermann leads through the evening with exhilarating ease.

Tickets are available from December 1st, 2017 at the Sparkasse Wasserburg ticket service (telephone 08071 101-129, www.sparkasse-wasserburg.de). In addition to admission to BADRIAZZO, the price of € 49 also includes the three-course menu. From 11 p.m., the popular “Stroll Tickets” are available at the box office for 7 euros.