BADRIAZZO am 9. January 2016

The Wasserburg Black and White Ball on January 9, 2016

For many years, the opening of the carnival season has been celebrated with a classic ball night in the stylishly decorated BADRIA hall. The BADRIAZZO Black and White Ball in Wasserburg is a social event and at the same time an evening full of pleasure.

Guests are welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine from 7 p.m. There are also jazzy sounds from Trio Tonale.

Around 8 p.m. people are asked to dance and the organizers have come up with a very special surprise for the beginning of this year.

Who is BADRIAZZO this year? Is there even a BADRIAZZO this year? The answer of the organizers is mysteriously reserved: “Everything is possible…”

TanzBar – the name of the band says it all! Up until the open end, the band around Wasserburg drummer Jochen Enthammer will prove that they have an almost limitless repertoire and can therefore also inspire dancers with high demands.

For the second time, BADRIA host Enzo de Tursi will look after the culinary side of BADRIAZZO. The thoroughbred restaurateur will spoil ball visitors with Italian specialties this year. The main course is saltimbocca alla romana, literally translated saltimbocca means “jump in your mouth!”…

The climax of the ball is traditionally to be expected around midnight, when the veil lifts over the program of the Wasserburg City Guard, which until then had been subject to the strictest secrecy. You can be curious!

At the end of the evening or for refreshment during the dance breaks, the Stadtgarde opens their popular bar.

Tickets for the Black and White Ball are available from November 28 at a price of EUR 44.00 in advance from Unifoto Braunsperger (Tel. 08071/3013) and from the Sparkasse Wasserburg ticket service (Tel. 08071/101-129, www. sparkasse-wasserburg.de). In addition to admission to the BADRIAZZO, the price also includes the three-course menu. And upon presentation of the admission ticket, every ball visitor receives one free admission to the BADRIA for four hours. From 11:00 p.m. the popular “Stroll Tickets” for “only dancers” will be available again at the box office at a price of 7.00 euros.