Fiery sauna night

Look forward to a fiery sauna night in the icy winter. At the next long bathing and sauna night on Friday January 27, 2017 cares one fire show for exciting and fiery entertainment. You will be amazed at how fire can enchant you in combination with music and magical passes.

In addition, sauna guests are welcome from 7 p.m free welcome drink as well as a Voucher from Enzo for a scoop of ice cream “Winter Creation 2017”. Enzo is also preparing again delicious buffet for extensive feasting. During the sauna session you can do very special things that evening Eventaufgüsse enjoy and Christine Hecht stands for relaxing massages zur available. The long bathing and sauna night lasts until 11:30 p.m., the pool is back from 9:30 p.m nude bathing hip, trendy, popular. All this is available at the regular admission price (the evening tariff does not apply).