Healthy and fit with the Badria

The basis of every successful company is a motivated and healthy workforce. However, the demands on the resilience of employees are constantly increasing due to increasing competition, higher customer requirements and the acceleration of operational and social processes. At the same time, demographic change in Germany is leading to a higher proportion of older people in companies. To counteract this, more and more companies are setting up “company health management (BGM)”. For example, the city of Wasserburg a. Inn, which enables its employees to visit the Badria twice a month free of charge, in addition to many other offers within the framework of the BGM.

Since the offer has been very well received, the public utilities are now starting a call to a number of Wasserburg companies to see whether they might be interested in cooperating with the Badria. “Swimming and taking a sauna is healthy: It strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulatory system, relieves tension, is easy on the joints – the list is far from complete,” says the plant manager of Stadtwerke Wasserburg a. Inn, Gerhard Selig. The Chairman of the Works Council of RKW SE in Wasserburg, Hans-Jürgen Steinke, didn’t have to be persuaded for long, he was immediately enthusiastic about the idea: “We at RKW have long since set up a company health management system and subsidize sensible offers that promote the health of our employees in the long term benefit, I’d be happy to do so,” says Mr. Steinke. And so it is not surprising that the site management of RKW accepted the concept without hesitation.

The concept, which was worked out in cooperation with the public utilities, provides that the holders of the new bonus booklet receive free entry for 2 hours of bathing every month after three visits to Badria. It was particularly important to RKW that the offer provided sustainable health promotion, which is why there is a “reward” for sporting commitment on the fourth weekly visit. Thanks to the local proximity, a short visit to Badria can also be easily realized during the lunch break or on the way to work or home. RKW employees receive the bonus booklet in good time from their works council.

The Stadtwerke are looking forward to good cooperation with the neighboring company and are already excited to see how the offer will be accepted by the RKW employees. Mayor Michael Kölbl and plant manager Gerhard Selig personally delivered the bonus booklets to RKW’s human resources manager, Mr. Wolfang Puschmann, and to the chairman of the works council, Mr. Hans-Jürgen Steinke – so nothing stands in the way of the start on September 1st.