Healthy and fit with the Badria

Workplace health promotion is a topic that employers are giving more and more attention to. Investing in the health of employees reduces absenteeism due to illness and also helps experienced employees to perform their jobs efficiently for longer. This strengthens the potential of the employees, but also the position as an attractive employer. With their commitment to health promotion and prevention, employers show that they take responsibility for the people in their company.

The kbo-Inn-Salzach-Klinikum Wasserburg am Inn has also been dealing with the topic of prevention and workplace health promotion for a long time. The kbo already offers relaxation procedures, back training, smoking cessation, various sports options including The kbo already offers relaxation procedures, back training, smoking cessation, various sports options including The latest project is now a cooperation with the Badria bathing, sports and leisure center of Stadtwerke Wasserburg a. Inn. The kbo-Inn-Salzach-Klinikum has also designed the offers and concepts to be as holistic, complex and flexible as the topic of “health”.

Swimming and taking a sauna is healthy, it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulation, relieves tension and is easy on the joints – to name just a few positive aspects. Works council chairman Josef Schwarzenböck and administration manager Tobias Forstner, together with the responsible employees of Stadtwerke Wasserburg a. Inn and Badria is considering a concept of how to make it as uncomplicated as possible to enable kbo employees to get discounted admission to Badria. It doesn’t matter whether it’s swimming or a sauna, the employees of the kbo receive a discount of 3 euros when they enter the Badria. The voucher required for this is handed out in the kbo works council office. It was important to the kbo that the voucher was not only valid for a single entry, but that the discount should also be easy to use with a family ticket and without great effort. Because not only sporty swimming and healthy sweating, but certainly also a relaxed family outing ensures well-being and promotes health.

Stadtwerke is looking forward to good cooperation and is already excited to see how the offer will be accepted by the kbo employees. Mayor Michael Kölbl and Badria operations manager Günter Rödel personally presented the vouchers to administration manager Tobias Forstner and works council chairman Josef Schwarzenböck.

Photo: kbo works council Josef Schwarzenböck, Mayor Michael Kölbl, kbo administrative manager Tobias Forstner, Badria operations manager Günter Rödel handing over the vouchers.