Long sauna night: OKTOBERFEST

O’gsaund is! 🥨

We start the sauna season 🧖 ♀️🧖 ♂️ with a hearty start! The long sauna night is back and offers you great evenings with exciting mottos! ☯️

At the Friday 4th October 2019 It’s going to be really friendly in the innSpa with the right motto “Oktoberfest”. Bavarian sauna hearts will beat faster with this supporting programme: delicacies, pretzel salt peeling, Bavarian lederhosen infusion and a schnapps at the end are just a few highlights.

🍻 … Feast and relax in the innSpa – the sauna world in Badria.
Ring in the sauna time properly, we’re looking forward to seeing you!

The regular sauna entry prices apply without a surcharge.


6:00 p.m Log cabin sauna:
Oktoberfest fragrance journey

6:15 p.m Gastronomy:
free beer

7:00 p.m Log cabin sauna:
Summiteer infusion

7:15 p.m gastronomy:
herbal candy

8:00 p.m Log cabin sauna:
Bavarian lederhosen infusion

8:15 p.m gastronomy:
Pretzels + Obazda

8:30 p.m Steam bath:
Pretzel salt peeling

9:00 p.m Log cabin sauna:
Radler infusion (beer + citrus)

9:15 p.m gastronomy:
cheese board

22:00 O’clock Log cabin sauna:
Alpine meadow infusion

11:00 p.m Log cabin sauna:
Williams pear infusion

11:15 p.m gastronomy:
Williams pear brandy