Running, walking, hiking around Badria on May 10th, 2018

On Ascension Day, the mass sports department of the TSV and the public utility company organize the “Badria running, walking and hiking day” for the 10th time, which is very popular with all athletes from Wasserburg and the surrounding area. So on May 10th it’s supposed to be an “anniversary run”.

This major sporting event – many running and hiking enthusiasts from all over Southeast Bavaria are expected – is this time under the patronage of the 2nd Mayor Werner Gartner. As usual at an anniversary event, there will be a special supporting program. In the beer garden area of ​​the Badria, a delegation from the town band will provide musical entertainment for the starting and arriving athletes. There is also provided for the “physical well-being” of all. A real garden party. There will be raffles and many other surprises.

The organizers can again leave the entry fee at one euro. There will also be a “Badria free ticket” again, which all starters from small children to seniors will receive. Each participant can start independently between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Registration takes place immediately before the start.

In order to spare the predominantly nature-loving athletes almost any traffic, the previous routes will be retained. Participants can choose four different routes between 5 and 15 kilometers. Walking, hiking, running, walking and Nordic walking are permitted on all routes. There are no time limits. So there are all sporting possibilities that are suitable for top athletes as well as recreational and healthy athletes.

It should be a real sporty feel-good day. It should be a real sporty feel-good day. Refresh yourself with a dip in the cool water, relax on the large lawn or treat yourself to a healthy sauna session and enjoy the peace and quiet in the largest sauna garden far and wide.