Sauna conversion – reopening is in sight!

A tour of the sauna construction site in Badria suggests that it won’t be long before the new Wasserburg sauna world opens its doors!

The sauna builders from Austria are almost done. They have packed almost all their equipment, leftover wood and tiles and are happy that the architect, photographer, builder and manager are admiring their sauna building skills. The forehead wood sauna in particular is a real gem, just looking at it makes the hearts of all sauna fans beat faster. It radiates rustic cosiness, but at the same time impresses with plenty of daylight through the glass front. The view of the illuminated sauna courtyard during a sauna session in the evening will certainly provide a particularly romantic feeling.

The new herbal sauna is located diagonally opposite the forehead wood sauna.b The backlit pictures of herbs of all kinds already suggest that the infusion here is a special fragrance experience. Only the ice fountain between the two saunas still looks like work. It is covered by a protective fleece and the tiles are still missing. But it will certainly also be ready in time and invite guests to cool off, refresh and regenerate in the future.

The new steam bath only has to steam, everything else is ready for the big reopening. The large, beautifully backlit picture on the wall invites you to dream. You can almost feel and smell the flower meadow while enjoying the view of the local mountains.

There is still a lot to do right around the corner in the new gastro area. The tiler is busy sticking tiles to the wall and the kitchen builders are screwing and hammering on the new counter. In the future, guests can enjoy a refreshing drink here or fortify themselves with a delicious, healthy snack. Tables and chairs invite you to linger and enjoy – but they are only provided at the very end. Only when everything has been cleaned and polished and the guests can finally discover, enjoy and experience the new sauna world.

If all work goes according to plan, the new sauna world will open at the beginning of March. The exact date will be announced in good time.