Start the autumn with the Badria

After a week break we have been open again since Monday.

During the closing time we cleaned everything and polished it to a high gloss. Now we start the autumn together with you. Enjoy warm hours in the Badria sauna world or just have a nice time in the indoor pool. This is fun in any weather and keeps you fit and healthy.

By the way, our sauna friends can already look forward to the next highlight in our wellness oasis. There is currently a large hole in the sauna courtyard and you will soon be able to dive into the new outdoor sauna pool here. The pool will be four by six meters in size and 1.30 meters deep. The water gets nice and warm – just a place to relax, unwind and recover. The sauna pool is expected to be completed in mid-November.

Off to Badria and enjoy the sunny autumn!