The new sauna garden

On Friday, March 18th, 2016, the new sauna garden in Badria was officially opened. One or the other sauna guest also used the event to explore the new sauna garden.

Photos: John Cater / Public Utilities

Enjoy and experience the new sauna garden in Badria

Do you know how cork or hazelnut shells feel under your bare feet? Find out on the barefoot path with 20 different fields! Or you can splash around in the stream and at the water fountain area, cool off in the natural water pool, enjoy the spring sun on the terrace with a view of the Alps and explore the flora in the sauna garden. From oregano to lavender – numerous herbs, evergreen plants, flowers and shrubs make a stay in the sauna garden a scent and feel-good experience. Various berries, cherries and kiwis invite you to snack in summer and autumn. Existing trees were also integrated into the new garden. So there is now a tree deck on a maple tree that invites you to linger. Various chimes further stimulate the senses.

The “experience room” in the sauna garden is a very special attraction, although there are actually two adventure rooms. In one half of the room you can experience a relaxing beach feeling under the starry sky. The darkened room with stone pine walls and atmospheric starry sky is laid out with sand. Infrared panels on the walls and ceiling ensure a healthy, soothing warmth. The other area of ​​the adventure room is used as a spruce brine room. The room is equipped with a bench to relax. Spruce branches on the walls are sprinkled with brine, so the essential oils are released from the needles and ensure healthy and soothing air to breathe. The two areas are separated in a particularly atmospheric way by an illuminated salt wall. The salt not only looks beautiful, but also ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

The salt not only looks beautiful, but also ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

We look forward to seeing you – your Badria team!