Dear Badria guests,

We are very pleased to inform you that, due to the current decisions, it has been possible since Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 no Corona Measures in BADRIA are more.

We recommend but continue to wear a mask on your own responsibility in areas with a high number of visitors (entrance area and in the corridors) and to keep the minimum distance.


Hygiene concept

for the Bathing, Sports and Leisure center in Badria

For the implementation of the Infection Protection Act, subject to the enactment of stricter measures in the event of an increased burden on the health system, the following hygiene framework concept will be published:

    1. Both guests and employees with symptoms associated with COVID-19, a proven infection or a quarantine order are not allowed to enter the Badria premises. If symptoms develop during your stay at the Badria, you must leave the establishment immediately. This also applies to recovered and Vaccinated People. Guests are made aware of the need to comply with safety measures and regulations. House rules are consistently exercised against guests who do not comply with the regulations despite being asked to do so.
    2. It is recommended to wear an FFP-2 mask in all meeting areas (entrance and exit areas, the corridors and the hairdryer area).
    3. Sufficient washing facilities, liquid soap, disposable towels and disinfectant dispensers are provided for guests and employees in the sanitary facilities, among other things.
    4. The minimum distance of 1.5 m to other people should be maintained as far as possible.
    5. Adhere to cough and sneeze etiquette.
    6. For employees, the “Hygiene Concept Rathaus Wasserburg 8.0” (see appendix) also applies, which regulates, among other things, the measures for operational personal contacts (meetings, customer appointments, etc.).
    7. The admission rules for access to the Badria are based on the current Infection Protection Measures Ordinance. The current rules are always updated on the Homepage badria.de published.
    8. For the existing gastronomic facility, the relevant specifications for gastronomy, including the food hygiene specifications, must be implemented when operations resume. The responsibility for this rests with the leaseholder of the gastronomy.
    9. The effect of the operational protection and hygiene concept is regularly checked for content and functionality and adjusted if necessary.


In view of the current opaque situation, we reserve the right to change the Safety and Hygiene measures at short notice
change. These are constantly updated on our website and social media.